Parents, guardians and community members are welcome as volunteers at QEB. They can provide valued support to students and the school staff. The personal interests, background, and commitment of volunteers can enhance programs, services, and educational opportunities in the school, while volunteering can provide valuable experience, personal growth and satisfaction for volunteers. Volunteers are valued education partners who foster interaction and co-operation among the home, school and wider community. 

A Volunteer Application, Form F498-1 can be obtained from the school office or online. All volunteers will require a vulnerable sector check. The required vulnerable sector check form for the local police authority can be obtained from the school office. 

Once an acceptable vulnerable sector check is on file with the school, the principal shall use Form F498-2 to collect an annual offence declaration from the volunteer if he/she continues to volunteer at the school. Existing volunteers who have a vulnerable sector check on file at the school that is more than two years old and who have not completed an annual offence declaration will be required to obtain a new vulnerable sector check and then may file an offence declaration with the school annually thereafter.