Nutrition Break Routines

Queen Elizabeth School is a nut sensitive school. Please do not send peanut or other nut items with your child to school. We ask that when sending lunch items and snacks that you look at the labels to ensure the health and safety of our students & staff.

Staff and students will be reminded to follow proper hand hygiene before and after eating.  Students are encouraged to bring a labelled water bottle with them. Fountains and bottle filling stations are available. 

Our Food for Learning Program will start on the first day of school. Students are always encouraged to eat their own snack/lunch first. Through the Food for Learning program, healthy snacks will be available during both nutrition breaks for our students to access if needed.

QEB participates in a school-wide practice of eco-friendly lunches. We encourage our students to use reusable containers and recycle what they can from their lunch. As a staff we will support our students in their understanding of proper recycling. This practice will reduce the amount of garbage that we produce at QEB. Thanks for your support!