Late Arrivals & Early Pick-Ups

Late Arrivals

If you arrive shortly after the bell, please be sure your child’s class is still not on the yard. 

If bus students are still arriving, you will need to wait until they are all inside before we will allow late students into the school through the front doors.

We strongly encourage all families to make every effort to get your children to school on time so we can ensure a safe and timely entry to class for everyone. We will be contacting families that are regularly arriving late to work with you on getting students to school on time.

If you are going to be late due to an appointment, please call or text to notify us so we are aware of your child coming late.

Early Pick-Up

If you are picking up your child before dismissal time at 2:30PM, we encourage families to call the school ahead of time at 613-968-9173 so that we can have your child ready at the front doors for pick-up. 

We will not be able to accommodate any early pick ups after 2:15pm as classes will be starting their staggered transition in the hallway and we cannot have students coming up the front foyer for pick up as we are having bus students gathering for dismissal in the foyer.